Fad/Crash Diets

Everyone would have known and heard of the numerous diets on the market, including those endorsed by celebrities. I am not here to pass judgements, merely to give my personal opinion and share my personal experience. No one can ever say they understand how something works or empthasise unless they have actually been through and experienced a situation/emotion themselves.

First things first, a lot of these celebs endorse these diets as a form of marketing/advertising for these companies, in other words, they get paid. True some celebs may have actually gone through the diet themselves but if truth be told, majority haven’t. Its just a matter of paying big bucks which they know they will get back later in huge profits. At the end of the day, the celeb is just a human being who wants to make money just like the rest of us, so why should they turn down extra cash and freebies, would you. Well I guess it depends on what it is, personally I would say no to what I can only see as deciet.

Anyway, let’s get back into the topic of discussion, sorry I got carried away with the moral high ground but I like to say things as it is – apologises if you are easily offended.

I decided to go on a detox diet as I wanted to flush out all the toxics in my systems, following the cookbook and advice of a well known British presenter. She looked great on screen, who was I to doubt her. When I say I ‘followed’ her cookbox, I mean I tried every single receipe, followed the advice sheets, what to eat from day to day for a month.

Guess what? But not without weeks of headaches, constant hunger pangs, trips to the loo and so on. My skin was free (I was prone to acne) of spots, especially on my back. Not long after I stopped the diet, I started having health issues so I went to see my doctor. I was diagnosed with anemia!! It turns out that I had deprived my body of iron and so began a 5 year long course of medication.

I went back to my eating pattern, introduced liver, spinach, kale and other iron based into my diet. My health got a lot better, the tiredness and dizziness began to diminsh, eventually came off my medication when my doctor gave me the all clear after my last blood test. I have been fit and health since then.

Since then I have shared my experience with those around me. Fad diets work for a ‘season’ but are not effective long term. The keys to successful losing weight (and making it stick) is to eat healthily without restrictions, and exercise – that is your long term goal. Otherwise you will find yourself putting all that weight back when you get really bored ( the main reason people quit) with the fad diet. According to an expert (I’m not naming because it will be free advertising) ‘spending your life weight-obsessed, and going on and off diets, is no way to live’. And that my friends is why I refuse to use the word ‘diet’ any longer.

I mean the first 3 letters (die) is enough to put anyone off which is why I am not suprised when people put off or dismissive, I don’t blame them. I prefer the terms weight loss or a healthy lifestyle as this signifies commitment, and not a short term fix. This doesn’t mean it should be scary, it should be fun not a chore, you have got to do it ‘happy’ otherwise there is no point.

The other key is to introduce alternatives into your food – please see previous post. Do remember losing weight should not be just be to fit into that wedding dress, the body gets really ‘confused’ when its introduced to certain foods and then back to the same ole food, its like a yoyo – echoing the expert I quoted earlier.

So what am I saying? Losing weight should not be a temporary solution its a commitment or put another way a scarifice. If you want the pounds stay (and not creep back in) then you have to be willing to do the hard work. Just think of the health benefits when you embark on a healthy lifestyle that could prolong your life/wellbeing.

As previously stated I am not a fan of diet (ing), not only because of the negative connotation attached to it. I mean the first 3 letters (die) is enough to put anyone off which is why I am not suprised when some people in my life are put off or dismissive, I don’t blame them. I prefer the terms ‘weight loss or a healthy lifestyle’ as this signifies a commitment, and not a short term solution. This doesn’t mean it should be scary, it should be fun not a chore, you have got to do it ‘happy’ or there is no point.

In conclusion, do consult your doctor or seek the advice of a health/nutrition professional before starting your weight loss programme especially if you have health issues. Our bodies are different, what works for Jo is not going to work for Linda, etc.

All the best as you embark on the journey of a healthy lifestyle, it will be interesting to hear your stories, please feel free to leave a comment so other readers can be encouraged.


Hi, I am Dee, a certified Nutrition and Weight Loss Coach from South London, England. My goal is to help people with diabetes live a healthy lifestyle without the fad diets. The purpose of the blog is to share tips, advice on all things nurition and wellbeing. Please feel to comment or ask questions but please respect the views and opinions of others. This blog will be moderated, this means I will not tolerate bad language/behaviour; bullying or harassment, anyone not adhering to this will be blocked.

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